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    • Os efeitos macroeconômicos das transferências sociais: uma abordagem de matriz de contabilidade social 

      Neri, Marcelo Côrtes; Vaz, Fábio Monteiro; Souza, Pedro Herculano Guimarães Ferreira de
      Government transfers to individuals and families play a central role in the Brazilian social protection system, accounting for almost 14 per cent of GDP in 2009. While their fiscal and redistributive impacts have been ...
    • Growth and shared prosperity in Brazil 

      Kakwani, Nanak; Neri, Marcelo Côrtes; Vaz, Fábio Monteiro
      This paper proposes extensions of the idea of shared prosperity and inclusive development. It explores dynamic growth linkages between mean income, inequality and social welfare, on the one hand, and different labor ...