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    • Brazil and Mexico since the early 1980s 

      Bacha, Edmar Lisboa; Bonelli, Regis (Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento, 2016)
      Brazil's and Mexico's economies collapsed almost simultaneously in the early 1980s. Their respective outputs per worker remained in a state of near stagnation since then. We develop a comparative analysis to try to understand ...
    • A tecnologia da informação a serviço da cultura: o caso do Museu do Futebol do Brasil 

      Santarosa, Rosana; Meirelles, Fernando de Souza (Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2015)
    • Towards a framework for corporate e-learning evaluation 

      Baruque, Lucia Blondet; Baruque, Cássia Blondet; Melo, Rubens Nascimento (2007)
      The main focus of current researches is on technological and pedagogical aspects of web based learning. However, e-learning is a complex process that incorporates organizational, administrative, instructional, and technological ...
    • The strategic planning and ICT in the Brazilian Justice 

      Andrade, André de Souza Coelho Gonçalves de (2009)
      In this case study, we analyze the role of different actors in the process of strategic planning and definition of information and communication technologies (ICT) strategies in the Brazilian Justice. The central role of ...
    • Analysing users' access logs in Moodle to improve e learning 

      Baruque, Cássia Blondet; Amaral, Marília A.; Barcellos, Alexandre; Freitas, João Carlos da Silva; Longo, Carlos Juliano (2007)
      In this work the UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina) and the FGV-RJ (Fundação Getúlio Vargas do Rio de Janeiro) jointly propose the use of a data mining tool to support the analysis of trends, students profiles, ...
    • Organizational structure and ICT strategies in the Brazilian Justice 

      Andrade, André; Joia, Luiz Antonio (2010)
      In this case study, we analyze the influence of the organizational structure in the definition and implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) strategies in the Brazilian Judiciary System. The analysis ...
    • Open government data and the data usage for improvement of public services in the Rio de Janeiro city 

      Matheus, Ricardo; Vaz, José Carlos; Ribeiro, Manuella Maia (Association for Computing Machinery, 2014)
      The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for information transparency in Brazil is not recent. It is possible to highlight several strategies have emerged to promote transparency of these information. ...
    • Surfacing scientific and financial data with the Xcel2RDF plug-in 

      Pesce, Marcia Lucas; Breitman, Karin K.; Casanova, Marco Antonio (2012)
      Given the astounding amount of data stored in spreadsheets and relational databases, a critical requirement for the evolution of the Semantic Web (SW) is the ability to convert data to SW compatible formats, such as RDF ...
    • Pork is policy: Dissipative inclusion at the local level 

      Bertholini, Frederico; Pereira, Carlos; Rennó Junior, Lucio Remuzat (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2018)
      The article investigates the impact of local policies on human development indicators in Brazilian municipalities. This is an attempt to investigate the role of the legislative branch in reducing inequality and poverty ...
    • Brazil: keeping it in the family 

      Coutinho, Luciano; Rabelo, Flávio Marcílio (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 2003)
      Although recent changes in the legal and institutional framework governing relations between controlling and minority shareholders may help local capital markets develop, major problems persist and serious obstacles to ...
    • Economists in the Brazilian government: from developmentalist state to neoliberal policies 

      Loureiro, Maria Rita Garcia (Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2009)
    • Analysis of the Finite Element Method for the Laplace–Beltrami Equation on Surfaces with Regions of High Curvature Using Graded Meshes 

      Guzman, Johnny; Madureira, Alexandre; Sarkis, Marcus; Walker, Shawn (Springer New York LLC, 2017)
      We derive error estimates for the piecewise linear finite element approximation of the Laplace–Beltrami operator on a bounded, orientable, (Formula presented.), surface without boundary on general shape regular meshes. As ...
    • Knowledge inputs, legal institutions and firm structure: Towards a knowledge-based theory of the firm 

      Gorga, Érica; Halberstam, Michael (2007)
      Corporate scholars rely on traditional theories of the firm to analyze corporate organization and corporate contracting. Traditional theories of the firm, however, have long neglected the role of knowledge in shaping the ...
    • Open innovation and collaborative network in supply chain: the case of open IPTV forum 

      Sakamoto, Angela Ruriko; Villar, Cristiane Biazzin; Martins, Michele Esteves (IGI Global, 2011)
      This chapter aims to discuss the use of open innovation and collaborative network as a resource to create value and increase competitiveness in supply chain. A case study of Open IPTV Forum was conducted based on documentary ...
    • Lighting and homicides: evaluating the effect of an electrification policy in rural Brazil on violent crime reduction 

      Arvate, Paulo Roberto; Falsete, Filipe Ortiz; Ribeiro, Felipe Garcia; Souza, André (Springer New York LLC, 2017)
      Introduction: This study estimates the effects of lighting on homicides in rural areas of developing countries. Methods: We use an IV strategy by exploring the LUZ PARA TODOS or Light for All (LPT) program that was adopted ...
    • On the optimal investment 

      Fajardo, José Manuel; Corcuera, José Manuel; Pamen, Olivier Menouken (Springer New York LLC, 2016)
      In 1988 Dybvig introduced the payoff distribution pricing model (PDPM) as an alternative to the capital asset pricing model (CAPM).Under this newparadigm agents preferences depend on the probability distribution of the ...
    • The role of the board in voluntary disclosure 

      Bueno, Giovana; Marcon, Rosilene; Silva, Andre Leonardo Pruner da; Ribeirete, Fabio (Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., 2018)
      Purpose: Since 2012, the Brazilian Stock Exchange has recommended that listed companies inform them if they have conducted voluntary disclosure. The purpose of this study is to describe the voluntary disclosure by companies ...
    • The queen bee: A myth? The effect of top-level female leadership on subordinate females 

      Arvate, Paulo Roberto; Galilea, Gisele Walczak; Todescat, Isabela (Elsevier Inc., 2018)
      We investigate the effect of female leadership on gender differences in public and private organizations. Female leadership was constructed using a quasi-experiment involving mayoral elections, and our research used a ...
    • European bank penetration during the first wave of globalisation: Lessons from Brazil and Chile, 1878-1913 

      Briones, Ignacio; Villela, André (2006)
      Although the macroeconomics of Latin America during the first wave of globalisation has been largely documented, key microeconomic aspects remain insufficiently studied. This is the case for the process of the foreign bank ...
    • Mexico’s decentralization at a crossroads 

      Diaz-Cayeros, Alberto; González, José Antonio; Rojas, Fernando (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
      Democratization, decentralization, and development. These three sequential forces have swept the world over the last decade and have redrawn the maps of politics, power, and prosperity. Giugale and Webb (2000)