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      Water resources management: crisis vs. success: success factors for water management through the examples of São Paulo and Paris [1]
      Web-based business game [1]
      Weber e a teoria das organizações: questão da racionalidade [1]
      Wellness tourism in Southeast Asia : the case study of Six Senses Hotels Resorts & Spas [1]
      What and how to bargain with a firm? [1]
      What are the causes of different brain drain rates in emerging markets? An exploratory study of Brazil and Mexico [1]
      What determines the price of shares?: empirical examination of the Brazilian pre-subprime market (1994-2007) [1]
      What energy source for the light vehicle segment in Brazil?: an electricity, ethanol and gasoline price analysis [1]
      What is the role of bookbuilding in bond allocation? Evidence from Brazil [1]
      What makes a humanitarian supply chain resilient? The relevance of the capabilities for resilience within humanitarian supply chain and their identification within the typhoon Yolanda [1]
      When a local competitor (slightly) shakes up the global giant: a case on the soft drink market [1]
      When does it pay to be corrupt in the private sector? [1]
      Which are the investment fund managers in Brazil behavioral investing biases and their characteristics? [1]
      Which strategies can an educational business, such as a kindergarten in Germany, develop to foster employee engagement? [1]
      Why join a carbon club? A study of the banks participating in the Brazilian “Business for Climate Platform” [1]
      WiFi Livre no município de São Paulo [1]
      Wimax and its disruptive effects on the telecommunications industry [1]
      Wimax e os efeitos disruptivos na indústria das telecomunicações [1]
      Winning in Brazil: how institutional voids affect the entry decision making process of foreign venture capital firms coming to Brazil [1]
      Wood: from the forest to the consumer [1]
      Word of mouth marketing in the digital age: a case study analysis of viral marketing campaigns [1]
      Working capital liability of foreignness: the apparel retail experience in Brazil [1]
      Workshop Rede Amigos da Amazônia [1]
      Workshop temático sobre ISP [1]
      WS de revisão do questionário ISE [1]
      WS temático sobre empresas transnacionais: ISE [1]
      Young manager [1]
      Zara’s brand perception: a comparative approach between Brazil and Spain [1]
      Zonas francas industriais no Peru, como uma alternativa de solução à crise [1]
      Zoneamento nos Jardins: estudo dos processos de formação das políticas de controle do uso do solo [1]
      ‘Less sugar and more sales' - the effects of in-store marketing of diet products during economic expansion and contraction cycles in an emerging market [1]
      “...como se fosse lógico”: considerações críticas da medicalização do corpo infantil pelo TDAH na perspectiva da sociedade normalizada [1]
      “A gente vai mandando recado pela existência”: desafios da Conferência Nacional de Política para as Mulheres para a inclusão de mulheres de diferentes perspectivas [1]