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      A grande recessão: oportunidade para o Brasil alcançar os países desenvolvidos [1]
      A note on Brazilian financial regulation and governance [1]
      A note on financial regulation and the Brazilian response to the 2008‐09 financial crisis [1]
      A structuralist Philips curve [1]
      A theoretical framework for a structuralist development macroeconomics [1]
      Balance of payments dominance: its implications for macroeconomic policy [1]
      Banking efficiency, governance and financial regulation in Brazil: some brief explorative notes [1]
      Brazil in the 2000's: financial regulation and macroeconomic stability [1]
      Brazil’s response to the international financial crisis: how did financial regulation and monetary policy influence the Brazil’s economic recovery? [1]
      Competitive exchange rates and macroeconomic theory [1]
      Development theory: convergence, catch-up or leapfrogging? A schumpeterian approach [1]
      Dreaming of overcoming the 'impossible trinity': towards a long-term 'optimal' real exchange rate for assuring economic development [1]
      Economic stagnation and alternative development strategies [1]
      Europe’s financial crisis: the Euro’s flawed design and the consequences of lack of a government banker [1]
      Exchange rate management techniques [1]
      Exchange-rate derivatives, financial fragility and monetary policy in Brazil during the world financial crisis [1]
      Financial governance in Brazil ‐ 1998‐2010: an overview [1]
      Financial governance: the Brazilian experience on prudential regulation and its impacts on the effects of the 2008 financial crisis [1]
      Financial stability and growth: what we learned from the 2008 financial crisis in Latin America [1]
      Financial stability reggulation in Brazil (1998-2008) [1]