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    • Estrutura de capital e remuneração dos funcionários: evidência empírica no Brasil 

      Choi, Duk Young; Saito, Richard; Silva, Vinicius Augusto Brunassi (Associação Nacional dos Programas de Pós-graduação em Administração, 2015-04-01)
      This paper analyzes whether the higher the company's financial leverage, the higher the salaries demanded by staff for the embedded financial distress risk. By applying Berk, Stanton and Zechner's (2010) model, we use a2SLS ...
    • Maternity leave extension, maternal employment and school enrollment: is there a link? 

      Santos, Raphael dos (2017-03-30)
      This paper investigates possible effects of maternity leave extension from 120 to 180 days in Brazil on labor market participation of mothers. In order to do so, we explore changes in leave taking rules between January ...
    • Peer effects and teacher absences 

      Campos, Bruno Garcia (2017-08-29)
      Teacher quality is of critical importance in student achievement. In addition to previous training, experience and teaching methodologies, teacher assiduity plays a pivotal role in pupils' development. In this paper, we ...