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    • Espaços e caminhos para a pesquisa em administração: estimulando a prática da reflexividade 

      Campos, Anna Maria Monteiro; Costa, Isabel de Sa Affonso da (2007)
      This paper reports the authors’ experience as dissertation and thesis advisors. They sustain that the development of a reflexive attitude in research may lead to the renewal of administrative thought, organizational practice, ...
    • Internationalization in higher education: the fundamental role of faculty 

      Romani-Dias, Marcello (2018-08-09)
      This study addresses the phenomenon of internationalization in higher education and is composed of three chapters. The following research question inspired the first chapter: What is the influence of characteristics (and ...
    • O pesquisador conversador no cotidiano 

      Spink, Peter (Associação Brasileira de Psicologia Social, 2008)
      This paper examines the implications for social psychology of the proposal that the day-to-day is all we have, that there are only places and micro-places understood as small sequences of events and nothing more and goes ...