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    • O efeito do empowerment do consumidor no consumo de informação jornalística pelas novas gerações 

      Coelho, Magali Moreira (2016-12-08)
      The present study attempt to find deepen knowledge about the millennium generation and its behavior of consumption of journalistic information. The justification for this research is the falling in the consumption of ...
    • Millennials' attitudes toward IT consumerization in the workplace 

      Gewald, Heiko; Wang, Xuequn; Weeger, Andy; Raisinghani, Mahesh S.; Grant, Gerald; Sanchez, Otávio Próspero; Pittayachawan, Siddhi (Assoc Computing Machinery, 2017-10)
      PEOPLE BORN AFTER 1980, often called 'millennials' by demographic researchers, behave differently from older generations in significant ways. They are the first 'digital natives,'the 'always on generation' that expects to ...
    • The Pursuit of purpose at work among millennials 

      Soria Rojo, Silvia (2018-06-22)
      Purpose – In the human quest for meaning, work occupies a central position. Most adults spend the majority of their waking hours at work, which often serves as a primary source of purpose and meaning. As the firm’s workforce ...