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    • Assessing competition in banking industry: a multiproduct approach 

      Salazar, Fernando Morais Farré (2013-08-05)
      This paper aims to investigate the competition aspects of banking multiproduct operation. Based on an extension of Panzar and Rosse (1987)’s test to the case of a multiproduct banking firm, we take advantage of a new dataset ...
    • Regulation issues in the banking industry 

      Pereira, João André Calviño Marques (2011-04-15)
      Esta tese tem por objetivo examinar os fatores que direcionam o processo decisório de estrutura de capital/investimento do banco e avaliar a efetividade da intervenção regulatória no Brasil. O trabalho está divido em três ...
    • Relationship banking: does it lower information asymmetry or increase lender monopoly power? 

      Lucente, Luiz Armando (2014-02-10)
      The theoretical literature regarding banking economics indicates that long-term relationships between a lender and a borrower can reveal information about the firm’s credit rating. Nonetheless, theoretical studies foresee ...