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    • Custo das flutuações econômicas após o plano real 

      Barros Junior, Fernando Antonio de; Pinho Neto, Valdemar Rodrigues de
      In this paper, we calculated the cost of economic fluctuations in Brazil. Using quarterly data from real per capita consumption between the beginning of Plano Real and the third quarter of 2013, we computed the cost of ...
    • Essays on monetary theory 

      Barros Junior, Fernando Antonio de
      Nesta tese aplicamos métodos numéricos para estudar alguns modelos em que moeda é essencial. Seguimos uma abordagem de desenho de mecanismo em teoria monetária e procuramos por configurações em que as pessoas possam desfrutar ...
    • Inflation when the planner wants less spending 

      Barros Junior, Fernando Antonio de
      I study optima in a random-matching model of outside money. The examples in this paper show a conflict between private and collective interests. While the planner worry about the extensive and intensive margin effects of ...
    • The welfare cost of business cycles for heterogeneous consumers: a state-space decomposition 

      Barros Junior, Fernando Antonio de; Lima Filho, Francisco Luis; Silva, Diego Martins
      The main objective of this paper is to measure the welfare costs related to permanent and transitory shocks for heterogeneous consumers. We use data from the Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX) and compute the average ...