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    • Assimetria na transmissão de preços de cerveja 

      Andrade, Gustavo Lôpo
      In several markets, cost hikes are passed through to consumers to a larger extent than cost reductions. This is a widely document phenomenon in the literature, yet under-explored in Brazil. Collusion is one of the theoretical ...
    • Demanda por veículos novos no Brasil: uma análise robusta a quebras estruturais 

      Villela, Bernardo Antunes Maciel
      The automotive sector is fairly representative in the national economy, which motivated this study on the demand for new vehicles in Brazil. The present work discusses an econometric model which allows the calculation of ...
    • Índice de preços do subitem transporte aéreo no Brasil 

      Vasconcelos, Leonardo Siqueira
      The availability of online prices represents a unique opportunity for the construction of price indexes and the measurement of inflation. This type of data can be collected remotely, at much higher frequencies, and a tiny ...