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    • The Aiyagari model with liquidity shoch 

      Teixeira, Bruno Sultanum
      A version of the Aiyagari (1994) model with a liquidity shock is developed in this work. The model has Huggett (1993) and Aiyagari (1994) as particular cases, but the general one allows for two assets in the economy, a ...
    • Aplicações de modelos de procura para bens duráveis de baixa liquidez 

      Studart, Marcus Eduardo Mathias
      I use Search models to study decentralized markets of durable goods. I explore the concept of market liquidity of Lippman and McCall (1986) and show that the theory of optimal search is useful to address the following ...
    • Contágio no modelo de Allen e Gale com infraestrutura bancária endógena 

      Silva, Diego Martins
      In this work, we analyze network formation with wary agents. The model consists of two regions with (n/2) banks in each, where the connection between them occurs through interbank deposits. A bank run is possible to occur ...
    • Dinâmica monetária eficiente sob encontros aleatórios: uma classe de métodos numéricos que exploram concavidade 

      Bertolai, Jefferson Donizeti Pereira
      The dificulty in characterizing non-stationary allocations or equilibria is one of the main explanations for the use of concepts and assumptions that trivialize the dynamics of the economy. This di¢ culty is especially ...
    • Duração da venda de imóveis em lançamento no Brasil 

      Abreu, Luiz Octavio Mendes de
      No trabalho 'Equilibrium Valuation of Illiquid Assets' John Krainer e Stephen F. LeRoy desenvolvem um modelo baseado em pesquisa e apropriação e classificam os imóveis como ativos ilíquidos, ou seja, para a efetivação das ...
    • The Eaton-Gersovitz-Arellano environment with collateral 

      Guinsburg, Pedro Vaissman
      In this article I introduce collateralization in the Eaton-Gersovitz-Arellano environment. In my paper, collateral can be understood as Foreign Direct Investment. I find that collateral increases the equilibrium levels of ...
    • Essays on banking theory and history of financial arrangements 

      Ferreira, Murilo Resende
      This thesis contains two chapters, each one dealing with banking theory and the history of financiai arrangements. In Chapter 1, we extend a Diamond and Dybvig economy with imperfect monitoring of early withdrawals and ...
    • Essays on competition and returns of inside money 

      Forno, Henrique Dezemone
      In an early paper, Cavalcanti and Wallace (2001) showed, using a computable version of Cavalcanti-Wallace model (CW-1999), that optimal regulation induces banks to pay interests, instead of contracting the money supply in ...
    • Essays on monetary and banking theory 

      Bertolai, Jefferson Donizeti Pereira
      This thesis is dedicated to the study of both financial instability and dynamics in monetary theory. It is shown that bank runs are costless prevented in the standard model of banking theory when population is not small. ...
    • Essays on monetary theory 

      Barros Junior, Fernando Antonio de
      Nesta tese aplicamos métodos numéricos para estudar alguns modelos em que moeda é essencial. Seguimos uma abordagem de desenho de mecanismo em teoria monetária e procuramos por configurações em que as pessoas possam desfrutar ...
    • Essays on monetary theory 

      Teles, Caio Augusto Colnago
      In this thesis, we use mechanism design approach in order to study economies in which optimal mechanism bears some resemblance to actual monetary system. More precisely, we study optimal monetary policy in models in which ...
    • Inflation when the planner wants less spending 

      Barros Junior, Fernando Antonio de
      I study optima in a random-matching model of outside money. The examples in this paper show a conflict between private and collective interests. While the planner worry about the extensive and intensive margin effects of ...
    • Money distribution with intermediation 

      Teles, Caio Augusto Colnago
      This paper analyzes the distribution of money holdings in a commo dity money search-based mo del with intermediation. Intro ducing heterogeneity of costs to the Kiyotaki e Wright ( 1989 ) mo del, Cavalcanti e Puzzello ( ...