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      Uncertainty, bounded rationality and opportunistic behavior: a study in Brazilian industry [1]
      Uncertainty, flexibility and operational performance of companies: modelling from the perspective of managers [1]
      Unconditional quantile regressions [1]
      Unconditional transfers goes to health? Evidence from Brazilian municipalities [1]
      Uncovered equity parity: an empirical analysis for the Brazilian financial market [1]
      Uncovering governmental transparency in federative states: diverse government spheres, heterogeneous outcomes [1]
      Uncovering micro-practices and pathways of engagement that scale up social-driven collaborations: a practice view of power [1]
      Underinvoicing of exports, overinvoicing of imports, and the dollar premium on the black market [1]
      Underpricing of equity offerings in Brazil [1]
      Understanding e-government technology transfer: evidence from the transfer of a patent management system from EPO to INPI [1]
      Understanding equity option prices [1]
      Understanding global recessions and global recoveries [1]
      Understanding how innovation takes place in service companies - an exploratory study of companies in Brazil [1]
      Understanding mechanisms underlying peer effects: evidence from a field experiment on financial decisions [1]
      Understanding organizational and institutional changes for management of environmental affairs in the Brazilian petroleum sector [1]
      Understanding our understanding of strategic scenarios: what role do chunks play? [1]
      Understanding smart tourism destination: evidence from a smart city project implementation in an international tourism destination [1]
      Understanding sustainability through the lens of ecocentric radical-reflexivity: implications for management education [1]
      Understanding the critical distance in sparse distributed memory [1]
      Understanding the impact of severe hyperinflation experience on current household investment behavior [1]