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      Wage differential between statutory and CLT public employees [1]
      Wage increases, transfers, and the socially determined income distribution in the USA [1]
      Wage inequality and trade liberalization : evidence from Argentina [1]
      Wage policies and labor turnover: an empirical analysis of the Brazilian data [1]
      Wages, efficiency and labor market regulation in an inflationary environment [1]
      Wages, informality, and net fiscal benefit in a federation: evaluating intergovernmental grants in Brazilian municipalities [1]
      Wald tests for IV regression with weak instruments [1]
      Wallon: alternativa teórica em psicologia e implicações para uma abordagem do deficiente mental [1]
      Walmart: um projeto para a base da pirâmide no Brasil [1]
      Wasted positive intentions: the role of affection and abundance on household food waste [1]
      Wasted: understanding the economic and social impact of food waste [1]
      Watchdogs in our midst: how presidents monitor coalitions in Brazil's multiparty presidential regime [1]
      Watching the World Cup, one data point at a time [1]
      Water for life : the impact of the privatization of water services on child mortality [1]
      Water resources management: crisis vs. success: success factors for water management through the examples of São Paulo and Paris [1]
      Water scarcity and birth outcomes in the Brazilian semiarid [1]
      Wavelets em economia: utilizando wavelets para projetar inflação via curva de Phillips [1]
      We commerce? [1]
      We sold a million units: the role of advertising past-sales [1]
      We're Chained: an analysis of systemic risk in finance [1]