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      Kansei: a integração da emoção e da tecnologia no conceito de novos produtos [1]
      Karl Polanyi, Athens and us: The contemporary significance of Polanyi's thought [1]
      Kathlenn M. Eisenhardt [entrevistada por Charles Kirschbaum] [1]
      Katia x Patrus [1]
      Keeping it legal: transboundary management challenges facing Brazil and the Guarani [1]
      Key success factor ranking for intrafirm knowledge sharing: a Delphi method approach in the oil and gas industry [1]
      Key success factors for electronic inter-organisational co-operation between government agencies [1]
      Keynes na sedição da escolha pública [1]
      KittyCat: a cognitive model of structure-form discovery [1]
      Knightian rational expectations, inflationary inertia and money neutrality [1]
      Knowledge disclosure as a weapon in technological change battles: straight shot or backfire? [1]
      Knowledge effect on firm performance in manufacturing and service firms [1]
      Knowledge frontiers in entrepreneurship: effectuation and bricolage [1]
      Knowledge inputs, legal institutions and firm structure: Towards a knowledge-based theory of the firm [1]
      Knowledge management model: practical application for competency development [1]
      Knowledge management: a comparasion between brazilians and North-Americans enterprises [1]
      Knowledge sharing and the dynamics of social capital [1]
      L'economie politique des diplomes lies a l'Union Democratique Nationale (UDN) [1]
      L'efficacité du pork barrel: l'importance des amendements budgétaires et des maires alliés dans l'élection des députés [1]
      L'oligarchie et les processus d'oligarchisation: la contribution de Michels à l'analyse politique contemporaine [1]