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      Wage differential between statutory and CLT public employees [1]
      Wage increases, transfers, and the socially determined income distribution in the USA [1]
      Wage inequality and trade liberalization : evidence from Argentina [1]
      Wage policies and labor turnover: an empirical analysis of the Brazilian data [1]
      Wages, efficiency and labor market regulation in an inflationary environment [1]
      Wages, Informality, and Net Fiscal Benefit in a Federation: Evaluating Intergovernmental Grants in Brazilian Municipalities [1]
      Wald tests for IV regression with weak instruments [1]
      Wallon: alternativa teórica em psicologia e implicações para uma abordagem do deficiente mental [1]
      Wasted positive intentions: the role of affection and abundance on household food waste [1]
      Wasted: understanding the economic and social impact of food waste [1]
      Watchdogs in our midst: how presidents monitor coalitions in Brazil's multiparty presidential regime [1]
      Watching the World Cup, one data point at a time [1]
      Water for life : the impact of the privatization of water services on child mortality [1]
      Water resources management: crisis vs. success: success factors for water management through the examples of São Paulo and Paris [1]
      Water scarcity and birth outcomes in the Brazilian semiarid [1]
      Wavelets em economia: utilizando wavelets para projetar inflação via curva de Phillips [1]
      We sold a million units: the role of advertising past-sales [1]
      We're Chained: an analysis of systemic risk in finance [1]
      Wealth composition, endogenous fertility and the dynamics of income inequality [1]
      Wearables conquering the workplace of Generation Y: the opportunities and risks to integrate wearable technology at work [1]
      Web 2.0, dilemmas 1.0: essay on an evolving market [1]
      Web-based business game [1]
      Web-based corporate training in Brazil: an exploratory investigation into key success factors [1]
      Weber e a teoria das organizações: questão da racionalidade [1]
      WeIfare costs of inflation the case for interest-bearing money and empiricaI Estimates for Brazil [1]
      Welche Aussichten gibt es für den brasilianischen Ethanolsektor? [1]
      Welfare analysis of currency regimes with defaultable debts [1]
      Welfare and fiscal policy with public goods and infrastructure [2]
      Welfare and growth effects of alternative fiscal rules for infrastructure investment in Brazil [2]
      Welfare and inequality with hard-to-tax markets [1]
      Welfare characterization of monetary-applied models and three implications [2]
      Welfare cost of inflation considering adoption decisions and interest-bearing deposits [1]
      Welfare cost of Inflation in Brazil: an approach with time-varying cointegration and Kalman filter [1]
      Welfare cost of inflation with heterogeneous agents [1]
      Welfare costs of crime and common violence [1]
      Welfare costs of inflation when interest-bearing deposits are disregarded: a calculation of the bias [1]
      Welfare costs of inflation: the case for interest-bearing money and empirical estimates for Brazil [1]
      Wellness tourism in Southeast Asia : the case study of Six Senses Hotels Resorts & Spas [1]
      What a smile means: contextual beliefs and facial emotion expressions in a non-verbal zero-sum game [1]
      What accounts for plural forms of governance structure in the same industry or firm - the case of the Brazilian electricity industry [1]
      What and how to bargain with a firm? [1]
      What are the affinities between a master's degree in history teaching and public history? [1]
      What are the causes of different brain drain rates in emerging markets? An exploratory study of Brazil and Mexico [1]
      What are the formal and informal factors critical in the post-merger integration, contributing to successful mergers? [1]
      What causes violent crime? [1]
      What china is missing to be a market economy: China's political & economical models contradiction [1]
      What determines foreign policy in Latin America? Systemic versus domestic factors in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, 1946-2008 [1]
      What determines the financial decision-making: reason or emotion? [1]
      What determines the price of shares?: empirical examination of the Brazilian pre-subprime market (1994-2007) [1]
      What do state-owned development banks do? Evidence from BNDES, 2002-09 [1]
      What does captain cook have to tell us about culture? Contributions for a structural and historical approach to culture and organizations [1]
      What does optimizing colliding principles mean? One question, three answers, three problems [1]
      What does the reelected have? The return: the outline of a reelection theory in Brazil [1]
      What energy source for the light vehicle segment in Brazil?: an electricity, ethanol and gasoline price analysis [1]
      What happens after the Central Bank of Brazil increases the target interbank rate by 1%? [1]
      What happens after the central bank of Brazil increases the target interbank rate by 1%? [1]
      What if firms adjust their debt-equity ratios toward a target range? [1]
      What is a good paper review in management? [1]
      What is a theoretical essay?: response to Francis Kanashiro Meneghetti [1]
      What is China model? [1]
      What is law critique?: immanent critique, institutional nihilism and projects of juridification [1]
      What is the nature of the mind's pattern-recognition process? [1]
      What is the role of bookbuilding in bond allocation? Evidence from Brazil [1]
      What is the use of a single-case study in management research? [1]
      What is the use of double blind peer review? State power and self-regulation in the evaluation of postgraduate programs [1]
      What kind of judiciary do we want?: the access to justice in Brazil [1]
      What makes a humanitarian supply chain resilient? The relevance of the capabilities for resilience within humanitarian supply chain and their identification within the typhoon Yolanda [1]
      What makes er teams efficient? A multi-level exploration of environmental, team, and member characteristics [1]
      What matters and for which firms for corporate governance in emerging markets? Evidence from Brazil (and other BRIK countries) [1]
      What measure of inflation should a developing country central bank target? [1]
      What prospects for the brazilian ethanol sector? [1]
      What really matters in auction design [1]
      What role is business intelligence" playing in developing countries? a picture of brazilian companies" [1]
      What should civilians know about defense? the civil-military relations perspective on information disclosure [1]
      What the STF Justices cite in their votes? An analysis of the AP 470 Trial (Mensalão) [1]
      What to expect when the presidents of Brazil and Argentina meet [1]
      What type of cooperation with suppliers and customers leads to superior performance? [1]
      What we learned from the 2009 financial crises in emerging countries [1]
      When 'feds' and 'locals' do not speak the same language: an analysis of dissonances in federative cooperation [1]
      When 'one thing (almost) leads to another': a micro-level exploration of learning linkages in Brazil's mining industry [1]
      When a local competitor (slightly) shakes up the global giant: a case on the soft drink market [1]
      When adolescence does not depend on puberty [1]
      When can teams benefit from external advice ties? the asymmetric influence of spanners’ and receivers’ traits [1]
      When distance does not matter: implications for Latin American multinationals [1]
      When do presidents appoint policy experts to social agencies? A study of Brazil’s National Indian Foundation, 1967-2018 [1]
      When does it pay to be corrupt in the private sector? [1]
      When payouts pay off: conditional cash transfers and voting behavior in Brazil 2002-10 [1]
      When the translation also matters: linguistic problems in comparative law [1]
      When women emerge as leaders: effects of extraversion and gender composition in groups [1]
      Where are the indigenous ICT for development researchers: Marginalised or uninvited? [1]
      Where are the women CEO's?: a study of the telecommunications industry in the U.S. & Finland [1]
      Where did inflation targeting matter? [1]
      Where to invest in brics? an analysis from the point of View of industrial organization [1]
      Where to invest in BRICS?: an analysis from the point of view of the industrial organization [1]
      Which are the investment fund managers in Brazil behavioral investing biases and their characteristics? [1]
      Which strategies can an educational business, such as a kindergarten in Germany, develop to foster employee engagement? [1]
      Who decides on public expenditures? a political economy analysis of the budget process: the case of Brazil [1]
      Who is the cowboy in Washington?: beating google at their own game with neuroscience and cryptography [1]
      Who makes the social psychologies? [1]
      Who monitors the monitor? : effect of party observers on electoral outcomes [1]
      Who monitors the monitor? Effect of party observers on electoral outcomes [1]
      Who monitors the monitor? Effect of party observers on electoral outcomes [1]
      Who should benefit from REDD+? Rationales and realities [1]
      Who wants to know?': a field experiment to assess discrimination in freedom of information regimes [1]
      Who wants to know?: a field experiment to assess discrimination in freedom of information regimes [1]
      Whose wealth is that? Discussing human rights and mining in the Global South [1]
      Why are generic drugs being held up in transit? Intellectual property rights, international trade, and the right to health in Brazil and beyond [1]
      Why banks want to be complex [1]
      Why countries transition? The case of Brazil, 1964-2016 [1]
      Why designate market makers? affirmative obligations and market quality [1]
      Why developing countries should not incur foreign debt: the Brazilian experience [1]
      Why did democracy become the preferred political regime only in the twentieth century? [1]
      Why do bidders drop out from a sequential auction [1]
      Why do managers postpone investments in information technology? a case study [1]
      Why do small powers go to big wars?: the Colombian participation in the Korean conflict (1950-1953) [1]
      Why do some governments resort to 'creative accounting' but not others? Fiscal governance in the Brazilian federation [1]
      Why does Brazilian fashion want to be global?: inequalities in international symbolic exchanges and the ethos of the agents of national fashion [1]
      Why economics should be a modest and reasonable science [1]
      Why every economist should learn some auction theory? [1]
      Why foreign savings fail to cause growth [1]
      Why has productivity growth stagnated in most Latin American countries since the neo-liberal reforms? [1]
      Why inequality does not fall [1]
      Why is patent production so comparatively low at Petrobras? [1]
      Why join a carbon club? A study of the banks participating in the Brazilian “Business for Climate Platform” [1]
      Why markets are incomplete and which markets are open [1]
      Why merger talks collapse: an exploratory study about contributing factors to ‘wedding cold feet' and deal making failure in mergers and acquisitions from the perspective of active deal making professionals in Brazil [1]
      Why not settle down already? A quantitative analysis of the delay in marriage [1]
      Why not together? How different roles regulate inclination to participate in a peer-to-peer access-based market [1]
      Why read teaching and research classics in management? [1]
      Why the ‘Rest’ doesn’t need foreign finance [1]
      WikiLeaks nas Relações Internacionais [1]
      Will China dominate the 21st century? [1]
      Will Lula be able to run for president? [1]
      Wimax and its disruptive effects on the telecommunications industry [1]
      Wimax e os efeitos disruptivos na indústria das telecomunicações [1]
      Windows of opportunities and knowledge networks: implications for the catch-up in developing countries [1]
      Wines of Brazil: from the past to the future [1]
      Winners and losers from a commodities-for-manufactures trade boom [2]
      Winning at the WTO: the development of a trade policy community within Brazil [1]
      Winning in Brazil: how institutional voids affect the entry decision making process of foreign venture capital firms coming to Brazil [1]
      WIP - Workshop of Work in Progress [1]
      Wood: from the forest to the consumer [1]
      Word of mouth marketing in the digital age: a case study analysis of viral marketing campaigns [1]
      Work and its meanings: a study of forensic experts in the Federal Police [1]
      Work and social movements: Dialogue with public policies in Brazil - The ConCidades case (2013-2014) [1]
      Work, study, both or neither? time allocation of Brazilian teenagers [1]
      Workers and urban associations during the Jânio Quadros administration in São Paulo (1953-1954) [1]
      Workers' struggle: Workers of Alliança spinning and weaving company in the "general strike" of 1903 [1]
      Working an identity, buying a life: the remains of Disney way of life among ICP alumni [1]
      Working as a community agent: a job where to expose oneself [1]
      Working capital liability of foreignness: the apparel retail experience in Brazil [1]
      Working capital management: a comparative analysis between the Brazilian agribusiness and other listed companies [1]
      Working capital management: a comparative study between the practices of Brazilian and UK firms [1]
      Working capital management: a contribution to the micro and small enterprises in Brazil [1]
      Working within hyphen-spaces in ethnographic research: implications for research identities and practice [1]
      Workplace authenticity as an attribute of employer attractiveness [1]
      Workplace diversity and incentive contracts : theory and evidence [1]
      Workshop Internacional: os mega acordos de comércio e o futuro do Mercosul [1]
      Workshop on cooperative and human aspects of software engineering (chase 2011) [1]
      Workshop Rede Amigos da Amazônia [1]
      Workshop sobre Proteção de Dados Privados e Ética em Pesquisa [1]
      Workshop temático sobre ISP [1]
      World Cup da record via streaming: negli Usa è l'evento sportivo più visto di sempre su smartphone e tablet [1]
      World Cup sets US live streaming record [1]
      World Investment Report 2007 (WIR07) transnational corporations, extractive industries and development [1]
      World war one and brazilian cultural life [1]
      Writer, author and reader: presence in world literature [1]
      Writing for publication in business administration: comparing insights from Brazilian and American scholars [1]
      Writing the lines of connection: unveiling the strange language of urbanization [1]
      Wrong-way risk in stock swaps: measuring counterparty credit risk and CVA [1]
      WS de revisão do questionário ISE [1]
      WS temático sobre empresas transnacionais: ISE [1]
      WTD: Workshop of Theses and Dissertations [1]
      WTO-plus commitments on the elimination of export duties: evidence of a two-tier membership? [1]
      WTO: challenges for the next 20 [1]
      WTO: market and non market economies: the hybrid case of Chine [1]
      WUW: Workshop of Undergraduate Work [1]
      WVIS 2014 - 5th Workshop on Visual Analytics, Information Visualization and Scientific Visualization [1]
      X-13arima-seats com R: um estudo de caso para a produção industrial brasileira [1]
      Yet another reason to tax goods [2]
      Young manager [1]
      Young Marx, new political theory [1]
      Young, Old, Conservative and Bold: The Implications of Heterogeneity of Finite Lives for Asset Pricing [1]
      Youth responses to cash transfers: evidence from Brazil [1]
      Zara’s brand perception: a comparative approach between Brazil and Spain [1]
      Zika e o direito de amanhã [1]
      Zika in Rio de Janeiro: assessment of basic reproduction number and comparison with dengue outbreaks [1]
      Zika is not a reason for missing the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro: response to the open letter of Dr Attaran and colleagues to Dr Margaret Chan, Director - General, WHO, on the Zika threat to the Olympic and Paralympic Games [1]
      Zika que segue... [1]
      Zika, aborto e autonomia da mulher [1]
      Zonas de autarquia nas decisões jurisdicionais: estado de direito, indeterminação e democracia [1]
      Zonas francas industriais no Peru, como uma alternativa de solução à crise [1]
      Zonas ótimas de moeda: uma resenha com vistas ao debate sobre dolarização na América Latina [1]
      Zoneamento nos Jardins: estudo dos processos de formação das políticas de controle do uso do solo [1]
      Zoom na crise: o trabalho nos morros cariocas [1]
      ¿ Gestión de categorías en minimercados vale la pena el esfuerzo? [1]
      ¿Afinidades electivas?: la literatura en los pródromos de la Historia [1]
      ¿Al brasileño le gustan los amontonamientos?: impacto de la densidad humana en el comportamiento del comprador [1]
      ¿Cómo se crea un Ministerio?: el proceso de cooptación como mecanismo de distensión en la relación entre los movimientos sociales y del Estado [1]
      ¿Dónde invertir en los BRICS?: un análisis bajo el prisma de la organización industrial [1]
      ¿Para qué sierve un estudio de caso único en la investigación de gestión? [1]
      ¿Pax brasiliana?: un estudio de la actuación brasileña en las crisis constitucionales y políticas en América Latina (1990-2015) [7]
      ¿Puede el conocimiento en gestión y organización hablar portugués? [1]
      ¿Un sistema agroalimentario transnacional para quién?: la lucha por hegemonía en Rio+20 [1]
      ¿Una escuela de América del Norte en Ultramar?: una historiografía de la EAESP [1]
      ¿Valoración del tema 'responsabilidad social' en Instituciones de educación superior?: análisis de los cursos de Administración en el estado de Rio de Janeiro [1]
      ‘Avaliações de impactos’: pensamento contrafactual e inferência causal, controles experimentais e estudos observacionais [1]
      ‘Brazilian mode mutation': an empirical analysis of the article 52, x, of the 1988 Constitution [1]
      ‘Mutação à brasileira': uma análise empírica do art. 52, x, da constituição [1]
      “...como se fosse lógico”: considerações críticas da medicalização do corpo infantil pelo TDAH na perspectiva da sociedade normalizada [1]
      “A gente vai mandando recado pela existência”: desafios da Conferência Nacional de Política para as Mulheres para a inclusão de mulheres de diferentes perspectivas [1]
      ℓ1-regularization of high-dimensional time-series models with non-Gaussian and heteroskedastic errors [1]